I have always been a nature lover, so it’s no surprise that I chose a career and business that are entrenched in green, healthy, wholistic living. Growing up on a farm on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, it was all about playing outside; growing food & flowers with my Grandma, spending time with the animals and daydreaming in the gardens, fields and forest.

• Certified Horticulture Technician, Malaspina 1999
• Garden Design Certificate, UBC 2006
• 17 years self employed maintenance & design
• Plant Records Technician, Milner Gardens
• Retail Nursery sales
• Instructor of Botany & Plant Identification
• Garden Speaker

Discovering Isagenix nutritional products to support and enhance my wellness based lifestyle has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. As much as I love the gardening profession, the seasonal nature of the business took its toll on my health and my security. Today, not only am I experiencing vibrant good health, but I’ve also found the balance my life had been missing. I am no longer just surviving; I’m thriving! It has become my mission to inspire others to live healthy, be happy and enjoy an abundant joyful life.