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Don’t start living tomorrow, tomorrow never arrives.
Start working on your dreams and ambitions TODAY!


My husband Mike and I believe everyone deserves vibrant good health, and the time freedom to enjoy it.  We show couples how to create a lifestyle that includes less time working apart, and more freedom, connection and FUN! Imagine a life where you choose how to spend your day… where every day is like Sunday.  We don’t think you should have to wait until you’re 65!

This is the lifestyle that we have created, and we want to link arms with YOU and help you achieve the same for your family.  If you have an interest in health & wellness, and enjoy being of service to others then this opportunity is a great fit.  Here is what we’ve learned – five years from now your life will look exactly the same unless you choose to do something different now. This opportunity allows you to start creating a more abundant life in the pockets of your time.

We are looking for motivated people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are passionate, positive thinkers and like to have fun. Joining our Freedom Family gives you access to systems, tools, training and support; all you need is VISION, and a burning desire to live a life of time and financial FREEDOM.

what if thiscould become this

exchanging your time for money
a job that just pays the bills
empty bank accounts & debt
loneliness, boredom, complacency
life is hard & not always fun
total time freedom
work that is purposeful & fulfilling
abundant residual income
friendship, enthusiasm, contribution
life is a dream come true


Joining our Freedom Family connects you with a team of like-minded entrepreneurs; you are self-employed but never alone. We are a group of dynamic individuals that are united by a common purpose to serve others and support them to achieve their health and financial goals. Every new Associate that joins us has access to our duplicatable system and personal Mentoring to guide them. Our weekly team calls and frequent training events offer you a unique opportunity to learn from the top leaders we are fortunate to have partnered with:

Industry Professional Michael S. Clouse
Nutritional Scientist Dr. Michael Colgan
Millionaire Warren Lance
Corporate Trainer Kyle Nekrash


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